Our Philosophy

At SA Functional Fitness we believe no two people are the same, that’s why no two people should train the same. We are not about aesthetics or how much weight you can lift, instead we place importance on body symmetry and training your body according to how it functions in reality.

Your health, as with everything, is a reflection of you, SA Functional Fitness exists to help guide you toward accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Our methodologies facilitate improved weight loss, functional strength, conditioning, motor skills, posture, and overall health and fitness.

We believe that you deserve a return on your fitness investment, not an injury.

A return measured in the form of improved quality of life- whether that is improved sleeping patterns, increased energy, hiking without knee pain, playing with your grandkids without back pain, running errands without feeling run down, or simply making it through your day without needing a pain pill.

At SA Functional Fitness our mission is to prepare your body for life, we believe in no pain, just gains.