What’s Your Excuse?

By Michael Devon | December 6, 2023

Common reasons people don’t exercise: ⁃ Kids ⁃ Stress ⁃ Work ⁃ Pain The reasons you should exercise: ⁃ Kids ⁃ Stress ⁃ Work ⁃ Pain When you see it like this, it makes sense. Don’t be the person who always comes up with excuses- find a way to prioritize your health… you only have […]

Your Fundamental Movement

By Michael Devon | August 29, 2023

Our exercises load the patterns of the gait cycle. Which means the mechanics of the exercises carry over to the mechanics of walking and running. This is important because as humans we walk daily, it’s one of our most frequently used movements so our goal is to get your body strong in that fundamental context; […]

Good Form on a Bad Exercise

By Michael Devon | August 8, 2023

You can’t get your body to do what it can’t do… unless you teach your muscles how to do it. If your body doesn’t have the contractile potential to move a certain way (correctly & efficiently) then it will compensate and use other muscles to achieve a certain function or range of motion, resulting in […]

Can Exercise Be Medicine?

By Michael Devon | July 20, 2023

What’s the point of having a “6 pack” or a strong chest if you can’t function at a basic level and walk more than a city block without some form of pain or discomfort; or if you are exercising regularly but regularly suffer from a stiff back or achey knees. Exercise is medicine for all […]

Hurting After Exercise Is Not Normal

By Michael Devon | February 20, 2023

It’s one of those days, you just finished a grueling workout at the gym and your joints are aching, your lower back is stiff, and your tendonitis is flared up.  Your workout buddies deal with the same aches and pains so you write it off as normal, just part of getting old, and what it takes […]

Your Guide to Squats

By Michael Devon | January 16, 2023

It’s time to educate yourself on the relevance of the squat. Prioritizing this movement in your training routine when it makes up a small amount of daily movement, neglects movements that you do majority of the time, like walking. Think about it… outside of the gym how many times a day do you squat compared […]

Exercise Less?!

By Michael Devon | January 10, 2023

Exercise can be bad when we go through the motions of our default movement patterns. We just pack on more muscle imbalance that causes a subconscious stress on our mental and physical state, affecting our physiology. Then we cope with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, whatever dopamine fix we need to temporarily feel better. We enter […]

Step Into Our Functional Gym

By Michael Devon | October 25, 2022

What makes our training different from other gyms is that we don’t let you go through the motions of an exercise, just to say that you exercised. We prioritize your posture during an exercise to activate muscles that are normally dormant, to support your body in a way that it normally doesn’t get supported. So […]

Hows That Working For You?

By Michael Devon | October 6, 2022

When you work hard in the gym, you expect the exercises you do to carry over to the real world. In the form of strength, flexibility, stamina, energy, health, and overall fitness. For the genetically gifted ones it does, but what about the average folks who do what they’re supposed to do and still fall […]

Something is NOT always better than nothing

By Michael Devon | October 4, 2022

Something is not always better than nothing. Usually it’s the other way around, the mindset that something is better than nothing. Jogging for a few minutes is better than not moving at all, but not if jogging causes your knees or your back to hurt. Our trainers are of the mindset that something is not better […]