Personalized Personal Training

By Michael Devon | September 28, 2022

How it started; how it’s going. Started with numerous issues, most notably was scapular dysfunction that contributed to pain in the upper traps. The first exercise is conditioning the muscles of the shoulder girdle & thoracic spine to integrate instead of putting all the demand on the traps. The second exercise is reinforcing the corrective […]

Functional Strength Training

By Michael Devon | September 19, 2022

In most gyms you’ll see lifters moving weights up and down, but that leads to compression on your joints and spine. In our gym, we prioritize lifting weights through a horizontal force to train the muscles to contract the way they do in the real world. Weight lifting that you see in most gyms builds […]

Exercise for Life

By Michael Devon | September 12, 2022

We teach our clients to move intentionally to connect the upper body and lower body contralaterally. Bipedal contralateral movement is what developed our muscles, and why they function the way they do. Modern times have made it difficult to keep our muscles functioning the way they were designed because we use the wrong lifting patterns […]

Have You Thought About The Way You Move?

By Michael Devon | August 24, 2022

Routine tasks that you move your body through without much thought like bending down to pick something up can be wiring in bad mechanics. Notice how the vertebrae bulge out when she firsts bends down, then when we correct the pelvis position her muscles contract around the vertebrae and protect them. This shows how your […]

Why Do YOU Exercise?

By Michael Devon | August 8, 2022

Most people exercise to stay in shape, often not realizing what that actually means. Is staying in shape about looking good, or feeling good? That’s subjective. To our trainers, “staying in shape” means feeling good. And the looks usually follow. That means understanding why we exercise. It shouldn’t be because you’re beating your body up […]

Mind Muscle Connection

By Michael Devon | August 5, 2022

Neuromuscular reprogramming is just fancy jargon for training the brain/body connection via the correct exercise stimulus. We have our clients utilize a mirror for most exercises to point out when their form is compromised leading to injury and understanding why the way they perform certain functions causes pain. The consensus is that their brain thinks […]

How Do You Feel?

By Michael Devon | July 19, 2022

The state that your body is in on a regular basis should be an indicator of how fit you are. Your body should feel good after taking on the demands placed on it. If you’re hurting, limping, stiff, and sore in the wrong places then your body is warning you that something is off. It’s […]

Functional Alternative to “Traditional” Glute Bridge

By Michael Devon | July 12, 2022

Why is this exercise superior to the traditional variation of the “bridge?” This exercise is teaching muscles to contract the same way they do to support these joint positions in reality. Not necessarily this exact position, but the overall position of the joints relative to other joints. For example, the problem with the traditional glute […]


By Michael Devon | July 6, 2022

Your body encounters and responds to multiple forces to propel through space. Your body rotates, shifts, adducts, abducts, flexes, extends, undulates, spirals, pronates, supinates, and more- all at the same time. These functions are necessary to move yourself efficiently through multiple planes of motion without pain and dysfunction. As a human, your natural movement revolves […]

Muscle Building Tip

By Michael Devon | June 28, 2022

In order to maximize the amount of muscle you gain, your body must move correctly to ensure muscle is being developed in areas that it’s underdeveloped. When you exercise with the correct form and optimize your biomechanics, your muscles get put to work in ways that they normally don’t. Dormant muscles get woken up and […]