Take Advantage of Your Life

We all wish we could be those people who can eat anything they want and never seem to gain any weight or have any health problems. That being said they may have health problems arise down the road if they continue with their unhealthy eating habits, so don’t idolize these people just yet- just sayin’. It seems impossible to be able to abstain from bread or alcohol or desserts the rest of your life, just from the simple fact that they are always around and everyone is eating them. That sort of mentality can be harmful because if everyone is jumping off a bridge, would you? Just because 90% of the population eats sweets regularly, doesn’t mean you have to, its no wonder that over 60% of Americans are overweight. Just because everyone is overweight do you want to be?

If you do, then go right on ahead and eat like everyone else chooses to eat, notice I said “chooses” to eat, not “has” to eat. We all choose what to eat and how much, it’s not like someone is forcing us to eat that slice of pie after dinner or finish an entire bag of chips for lunch. With everything in abundance it’s easy to overeat because we no longer have to save food in case our source of food runs out, if we want more we just go to the store and buy more. It’s rare to find someone who can try a bite of dessert after dinner to taste it and leave it at that, usually the taste turns into the whole thing.

So how can you enjoy all life has to offer and still maintain a healthy lifestyle? Simple. Everything in moderation. Easier said than done. If you aren’t already you can start with moderately exercising, then slowly increase your exercise frequency over time. Another option is to start eating moderate amounts of foods that have a high nutritional value, like snacking on vegetables and hummus instead of hummus and pita chips. The more you include moderate amounts of exercise and moderate amounts of nutritional foods instead of junk foods the better equipped your body will be to handle all life has to offer, including a slice of pie after dinner- just make sure you wash it down with a walk around the block!