We Expanded!!!

If you follow us on Social Media you know that we have recently been under construction and added additional space to our workout area! The extra space allows us to see additional clients and add small group personal training classes in the near future… so stay tuned by subscribing to our email list!

We’ve added a new cable machine with adjustable arms to expand the number of exercises that we can do compared to a traditional cable machine. But, our favorite addition to the extra space is a medicine ball slam wall!! Allowing you to combine core exercises with the rest of your body and really get the heart rate up and get the sweat pouring! Talk about killing two birds with one stone- core and cardio all at the same time!

Our group personal training classes will remain relatively small so that each individual gets the attention they need in a small group setting to ensure they don’t injure themselves or get lost in the crowd. Make sure you contact us if you’re interested in small group personal training so we can reserve a spot for you! The group classes will take a holistic approach to health and fitness and involve functional movements integrating the entire body, myofascial release for recovery, and posture enhancement to move better and live life pain free.

Our small group personal training classes are going to be great for you if you are worried about hurting yourself in a big box gym or Crossfit type of group class, if you’re looking to enhance your body awareness and restore your ability to move well, and if you want exercise that translates to real function and prepares your body for life outside of the gym.

Check out our Social Media to get an idea of our training style and why it is important for the body. At SA Functional Fitness, we exercise with the purpose to enhance every aspect of the body and the way it functions instead of exercising for the sake of exercising without any carry over to improving your quality of life.

Contact us if you’d like more information about our small group personal training classes and how you can benefit! Come check us out and get in the best shape of your life, physically and mentally!