Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get comfortable being uncomfortable ?? you can’t wait until you feel like doing something because that time may never come, the mood may never be just right. If you want to lose weight, control your health, and manage your pain then it’s going to take some work, unfortunately there’s not a magic pill to fix everything. ?? Spend some time in the kitchen cooking real food instead of going through a drive through. Start waking up 30 minutes earlier and going on a walk or performing a strength training circuit.

You are a reflection of your habits ? If you’re over weight and you don’t want to be, take a step back and take a look at how your spending your time ??‍♀️ it’s not rocket science, what do you want and what are you doing to get you there? If you’re spending time after work binge watching Netflix every night then obviously your habits aren’t aligning with your goals. After a long day, relaxing on the couch watching tv seems like the only thing you have energy for and you’re comfortable doing it. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and change up your routine, build a routine that supports healthy habits, like joining a group exercise class or a walking group, and going grocery shopping for healthy food choices or spend time looking up healthy recipes to make for dinner, instead of coming home and sitting your butt on the couch. 

Start making small changes, if you watch Netflix every night then start by dedicating one night a week to exercise or healthy food preparation. If you can’t part ways with Netflix for one night then don’t worry, start even smaller, instead of binge watching 6 episodes of Netflix cut it down to 5 episodes and use the extra time to go for a quick 30 minute walk instead, then reward yourself by coming home and watching your favorite show! At the very least, turn Netflix on in the back ground and spend some time in the kitchen cooking while you’re watching your show, instead of just sitting on the couch.

The point here is that you’re getting out of your routine and your body and mind are going to resist because they’re comfortable with the choices you’ve made up to this point, but you want more so you have to do more. Prepare to get a little uncomfortable with your new routine when you’re first starting out but remember that it’s for a long term result and the uncomfortable feeling is only temporary until your new habits become second nature!