Tight Neck? Try This!

There’s more than one way to use a Theracane ??
Marianne came in complaining of a stiff neck and shoulders from sitting behind a computer ? all day so we implemented myofascial release on her pecs, with special attention to her pec minor. Rather than treating the symptoms of tension we went right to the source and in this case her stiff neck and shoulders felt relaxed after we released her pecs ?
The pecs tend to get locked in a shortened position when we sit for multiple hours a day staring at a phone or computer, then the muscles in the back reciprocate and get locked in a lengthened position leading to stiffness, tightness, throbbing, or even a dull ache ?
Sure you can live with it but you don’t have to ??‍♀️ Knowing what on your body is hurting or “tight” and calculating which muscles to release to make that area feel better is what it takes to decrease and manage those common aches and pains ? Start by massaging the muscle fibers below your collar bone with your fingers with firm pressure, until you find a trigger point. Then, keeping firm pressure, breath into that area until you feel the muscle tissue start to relax. You may even feel tension radiating into the shoulder blades, neck, or upper traps, that’s when you know you’re on a good spot. If you have a Theracane (like the one pictured) you can use it to apply pressure to the area once you’ve located a trigger point, the same application can be done with a tennis or lacrosse ball leaning against a wall. Start by spending 2-3 minutes on the tender area on each pec, not forgetting to breath, and see how you feel after! 
We’re not here to waste your time, if you want to take the next step toward improving your quality of life we’re here to guide you in the optimal direction ?