You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best option. Not just with your health but anything. For example, a cheap apartment might cost you less per month in rent, but when the landlord doesn’t take care of things and there’s bugs everywhere or something’s always broken and needing repairs, the inconvenience isn’t worth it. Just like a gym that cost $20 a month but you’re left to your own devices and training your own body, figuring out what works for you through trial and error. Or maybe you pay $80 a month for unlimited group classes but then you’re drowning in a sea of other people, forced to go through a workout that everyone else is going through, that might not be right for your individual needs.

This is when it pays, to pay a little more for personal training. You get one on one attention, exercises created for your unique requirements, and you can ask questions, offer feedback to your trainer, and the workout can be modified to best address what your body needs!

Sure, it costs more, but when you only have one body to invest in, make sure it is a wise investment. You want to see AND feel tangible results that are sustainable, rather than just paying someone to stand around and count reps while you do the exercise they just demonstrated. Our trainers do all of that, plus we let you know what to expect during the exercise, where you should feel tension, what is normal, and what is not supposed to be, and then while you’re doing it, we remind you of what you’re supposed to be focusing on to manifest what we described during the demonstration. You’re constantly being reminded what you should be mentally focusing on, so physically your body is doing what it needs to be doing to ensure you aren’t going to hurt yourself.

If you want to shut your brain off and just copy an exercise you see for the desired amount of reps without knowing what muscles you should be working or how to activate them, then use YouTube or a cookie cutter fitness app. But if you actually want to learn about your body’s function and how to put that function to use correctly, to mitigate pain, ward off injuries, and enhance your peak physical function- during exercise and in life outside of the gym, then follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, read our blogs, check out to see the type of training methods we utilize, and then you can decide if you want to spend your money with us!

No pressure, it’s your body, treat it the way you want to treat it.

Why We Build Your Body For Life Outside The Gym

When your training doesn’t involve rational components, your function away from the gym diminishes, because in reality the human body moves via macro and micro rotations. Perhaps not overnight, but eventually routine tasks you used to be able to do without any repercussions become a chore on your body. Playing a game of golf on the weekend leaves you feeling like you just ran a marathon, you start noticing little aches and pains that had been there for awhile but now they’re becoming less tolerable. Since none of this happens overnight you’ll start to blame your age and say it’s just a part of getting older. It can be, if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent the degeneration.

If you’ve been following us or training with us in person or online, you know we teach you how to become a functional being without the pains you used to have to live with. We guide you along the right stepping stones to continue making progress from your first session! The exercises don’t always look so hard but you quickly find out that looks can be deceiving when you execute the movement correctly.

We educate you on what you should be feeling and when/how to produce the contractions naturally during the exercise. We don’t just count reps until you’re done working out, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your body and your brain get the most of your time in the gym, to get more out of your time away from the gym!